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E.I. Impact 2

16 Players - 3 Subscribers Subscribers
A Gradius-like Shooter.
Language: S-chinese & English (Menu only)
-E.I.Impact 2 1.1-
This version uses ghotik's Dxwnd to improve the windowed mode experience.
Also some minor gameplay tweaks.
#shootemup #gradius
Language: 中文 (简体)  
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E.I. Impact 2
E.I. Impact 2
E.I. Impact 2
E.I. Impact 2
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RealTidus (Level 12) 2023-11-02
very similar to gradius. probably too similar. you should add more frames (and animation) for the main sprite. it us cute... but always the same. the "anime style", is interesting, for this reason my tip is to add artworks in anime style during the gameplay (for example during special moves)3/5
mazzutakgame (Level 14) 2023-10-29
very fun game, I love the anime style and the artwork is very cool, I would have preferred a faster movement of the spaceship, compared to the enemies it moves too slowly, but the game is still fun 5/5
Yahoo (Level 11) 2023-10-29
Is there a trailer or a gameplay video?
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