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Doors: Paradox Demo

115 Players - 2 Subscribers Subscribers
Published on: 2022/03/30



A relaxing puzzle escape game! Explore 3D dioramas and solve countless puzzles, as you make your way through the doors. Unravel this mysterious adventure about chaos, order and the surreal.
Language: English  
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Doors: Paradox Demo
Doors: Paradox Demo
Doors: Paradox Demo
Doors: Paradox Demo
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Best IndieGames (Level 16) 2022-04-09
This game is in the video about the Top 3 Best Indie Games of March 2022

YouTube Gameplay
Deneris (Level 16) 2022-04-09
Thank you for sharing your game with us all! It looks an interesting game!
Fleurman (Level 12) 2022-04-05
Very charming ! Each level has a very distinct ambience, and the puzzles are enjoyable (maybe a bit easy, but it's only a demo). I didn't get what the gems are about though... Anyway, great work !
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