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Bittersweet Birthday

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Published on: 2021/07/23



A challenging, half boss-rush, half adventure-exploration game where every encounter is a unique fight!
#action #adventure
Language: English  
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We made a little page update with new trailer and artstyle 🔥 Yesterday we launched IGG campaign and are very excited to see what tomorrow will bring! 👀 If you would like to support us here is the link. Also. Sharing is caring so even spreading a word about our game is a big help 🙏. Thanks a lot! ▶...
Bittersweet Birthday
Bittersweet Birthday
Bittersweet Birthday
Bittersweet Birthday
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DinkyPerson (Level 1) 2023-02-20
nice game
Stre93 (Level 14) 2022-06-18
Why so few players?!? This game is a master piece! A very professional indie game! The artworks are amazing and the same for the pixel art! Perfect gameplay and very fast to play! 5/5
Freank Verified (Level 18) 2021-12-15
I think that this is one of the best game of this year. Great pixel art, great animations and very fluid gameplay!
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