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Binary Boy is an orientation flipping game by Jared Johnson aka Data-Fidelity. Play through five distinct levels with original music, art, and SFX. As Binary boy, players can only walk side to side and flip up and down. Using this flipping mechanic, they must maneuver their way through puzzling enemies and bosses. The game should be played in one sitting.
Hello Indiexpo! I've got a new game out "LineWorld: The First Story Here it is: LineWorld Trailer: I Look forward to hearing what you think, Jared Johnson Here’s the game’s page on my website:
Binary Boy
Binary Boy
Binary Boy
Comments (8)
Amir (2240 Gems)
Great game! Fast and easy to play! Few levels but very funny!
iamhere (2142 Gems)
Oh! He is back!! News about your new games?
Data-Fidelity (234 Gems)
Thanks everyone for playing Binary Boy. I am working on more games, two of which just need polishing. I will be sure to upload them here. This site has gotten much better since Binary Boy was first uploaded.
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Binary Boy