Azuran Tales: Trials

3 Players
Azuran Tales: Trials offers an old-school platformer gameplay with a modern take on it. Don't expect any help as you explore all of its handcrafted levels full of lore, monsters, traps, and unique Bosses. This game is straightforward and hard to beat. You will be forced to learn and adapt or fail and die each and every time!
Azuran Tales: Trials
Azuran Tales: Trials
Azuran Tales: Trials
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TyrionL (1981 Gems) 2018-05-17

great platform! will the full version free or on steam? So, incredible work and arts! Congratulation to the artist!

TinyTrinketGame (57 Gems) 2018-05-17

Thank you for your comments. We're glad you like the game. Keep in mind the DEMO is a small and quite easy part of the game, we hope you'll also like the final product, we plan to launch at the end of May.

Fellowplayer Profile (15540 Gems) 2018-05-16

This looks pretty good.

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