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Published on: 2019/10/11


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After the war between skyreans & humans had ended, a group of "gifted" soldiers known as Eisenclad Army were chosen to claim territories throughout Althandar. These soldiers soon cross paths with Maegarf, a cunning wizard who leads an insurgent coalition. And Lucain, a clairvoyant who had a vision of upcoming event that will challenge him to an unusual degree of dissonance.
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LIVENEL Nocturnal Skyrift Chapter 1 v1.38 is now available~ Gameplay, Battle System and New CARD BATTLE Minigame!
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VCent (Level 6) 2021-06-18
Hey man, I can't find your triple duels game page? where is it?
AmantoSekai (Level 3) 2021-05-14
It has lots of potential. Quick question, are you going to take this project as harvest moon x ff? And how long the duration of the demo?
cradth (Level 14) 2021-04-06
The latest version is v0.34 (April 3, 2021) Here's the direct download link : Also, if you need Elmspheres guide, you can read it here : Have fun!
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