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The Four Disasters

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Radian F / cradth

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Published on: 2016/01/21


Rpg Maker MV

You are Ferde, an Archmage, later known as The Omega, the man who will ended the "False History" in this Classical Sideview Battle System - RPG. Any choice of action by the player may cause unforeseen consequences later on. You can be a hero or a villain, killing people or died in vain, save the world or destroy it. Build your own story wisely :) Latest version : Demo v1.6.
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Demo v1.6.1 RELEASED~ Changelogs : + Action Sequence, New Animations, New scenes, Battle System fixes, Dialogue fixes, minor bug fixes, etc. This is the latest version of the demo! Enjoy :)
The Four Disasters
The Four Disasters
The Four Disasters
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Staff (3106 Gems) 2018-08-31

video removed. it didn't work

Fellowplayer Profile (19822 Gems) 2018-01-05

Is the weblink to the video broken?

Crazy Player GM (826 Gems) 2016-11-21


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The Four Disasters
The Four Disasters
The Four Disasters
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