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Save the torch!

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Osx white Λήψη (20 MB)
Linux white Λήψη (30 MB)
Pc white Λήψη (20 MB)
Game developed for the ludum dare 46 in 2 days :)
Γλώσσα: English  
Save the torch!
Save the torch!
σχόλια 6
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Coopa (Επίπεδο 10) 2024-07-01
I know that this page is very old, but I hope that the developer is still in the game dev industry! Are you working on any new game?
JEntertaiment (Επίπεδο 11) 2021-01-04
Good game, but style can better.
SEICO (Επίπεδο 8) 2020-05-10
good game
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