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Spellzone is a classic RPG game where the player by controlling a team of heroes explores Tulneau island. The preserved balance between talk, battles, and exploration provides the player with comfortable game-play and while the game uses a standard turn battle system, battles will require some tactical approach to fight enemies.
Sprache: English  
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- Experience points are now divided equaly for all team members. - Soulrender's skill Divine Spears is now replaced with Angel Of War: - summons a powerful angel for 3 turn who fight for player. - Mouse support. - Chapter Selection implemented. - Telthos now can drain Mana from enemies and give it to friends in team. - Tallanar, Telthos and Soulrender now they have...
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Freank Bestätigt (Stufe 16) 2022-01-09
Continue to work on your game. I am totally sure that with your passion, this can be a great work! Good luck!
Soulrender (Stufe 12) 2022-01-09
The Show must go on!
lucyinthespace (Stufe 15) 2021-11-03
I like your game. During the first minutes it looks like a classic RPG maker game, but then the plot was very nice. A good surprise!
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