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Siren's Call: EV Demo

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A surreal, coming-of-age visual novel set in early 2010s Central Florida, "Siren's Call" is the small town you swore you'd always leave. Something inside of you knows that this is your last chance. Will you reach escape velocity?
#visualnovel #horror
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We are at 75% funded for the game! This is a huge landmark! This means that kickstarter has put us in the "close to being funded" section of their website. Which is huge! Let us know what changes to the campaign you guys want to see in order to make...
Siren's Call: EV Demo
Siren's Call: EV Demo
Siren's Call: EV Demo
Siren's Call: EV Demo
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Deneris (Stufe 17) 2023-09-27
the artworks are incredibly cool. you are a master. the UI is not so good. It looks like an old The Sims game. You can do it more modern. just my 2cent
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