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A 3D platforming game built in 48 hours as part of a technical test but I felt It would be fun enough to share with everyone too and see how well it does for a simple 48 hours game.
Navigate 4 zones and collect the 4 artefacts scattered in the level, couldn't be simpler. The theme of the game was to focus on circles.
Sprache: English  
Launch Padding
Launch Padding
Launch Padding
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mazzutakgame (Stufe 13) 2019-11-28
very simple gameplay concept , but a very challenge, remind me psx game, the controls are solid and work very well for this game, i've try it with a keyboard and mouse, i can use controller too?
A little game made very very well ;-)
MrMarvel (Stufe 10) 2019-11-27
No more horror games?
Fellowplayer (Stufe 22) 2019-11-27
Just found out about the "15 players in 30 days" rule, better ask my viewers for help. HA!
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