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Escape Bit

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Veröffentlicht: 20/07/2018

Browser Game


Arcade Multiplayer Jam right on your browser!
[Work In Progress, open to suggestions]
Sprache: Italiano   English  
Neu: 4
Little, UBER Fix Out! It was gonna be a quick, easy fix. But it also became an opportunity to add more stuff, over just fixing bugs. Now a responsive resolution, a better selection menu, various bug fixes, a medium change of gameplay (now coins don't regenerate anymore!) and a few optimizations. [Now Version 1.02]
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Escape Bit
Escape Bit
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RalphW (Stufe 8) 2018-12-06
the idea looks very interesting, but it lags a lot and it's impossible to play it
Ste (Stufe 12) 2018-10-31
I cannot play, it lags a lot.
mazzutakgame (Stufe 15) 2018-08-02
Very interesting game and very funny, i've a lot fun play with my smartphone like a joypad in multiplayer with my grandson! good job!
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