Play Resurrection [BETA]
PlayPlay Resurrection [BETA]
13 - Resurrection [BETA] GhostRider
Play Akuma No Gakko
PlayPlay Akuma No Gakko
14 - Akuma No Gakko Montironi Games
Play Little Briar Rose
PlayPlay Little Briar Rose
15 - Little Briar Rose Elf Games Works
Play Astral Heroes
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16 - Astral Heroes Apus Software
Play Wild Rage Giant Bluster
PlayPlay Wild Rage Giant Bluster
17 - Wild Rage Giant Bluster Lusianl
Play Crime
PlayPlay Crime
18 - Crime Montironi Games
Play Imscared
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19 - Imscared MyMadnessWorks
Play Reliquia
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20 - Reliquia Lollo Rocket Diver
Play Steel Zeroes
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21 - Steel Zeroes Pedrovin
Play RE.CO.N
indiepadPlay RE.CO.N with the indiepad
22 - RE.CO.N dsoft20
Play Save the prinCESS
PlayPlay Save the prinCESS
23 - Save the prinCESS Ojicesan
Play Carnelian
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24 - Carnelian Seraph Andrew