WTC 2 - Part 2 : NRFTF WTC 2 - Part 2 : NRFTF
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This is now the official demo of Welcome To... Chichester 2 - Part II, which is due out at the end of June. As you can see from the previous version, it's now complete.Hope you enjoy it !This will be the last WTC for 2020 - NightFall will almost certainly only be ready 2021, along with the last episode. #visualnovel #vn

I'm aiming to get this fully released in early June

Fact #2 : Originally the start was going to be a DLC for WTC 3, but I decided to remove it and put it in it's own complete VN

Fact #1 : This visual novel takes place on the second day on the protagonist's holiday, and takes place at the present time, 10 years before the events of Redux/1 and then 5 years

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