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Karma (4169 寶石) 2017-03-09

I don't like this kind of game.... I prefer CMYK... You are good to make platform/puzzle games!

MozRegit (1261 寶石) 2016-11-16

a good start !

Stre93 (2166 寶石) 2016-11-03

nice to play with a friend !

Eugor (2939 寶石) 2016-11-02

where are the other games of the jam ?

Carir (1867 寶石) 2016-10-31

Nice work ! I suggest you to use a different background... in pixel art ! :D

Malian (1106 寶石) 2016-10-30

So good !! Ask to your friends also to uplaod the other games of the jam ! I'm curious ! :D

Cantex76 (697 寶石) 2016-10-30

Now it works !

Cantex76 (697 寶石) 2016-10-30

what's the #LBS Game Jam ?

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