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Ratchet&CL4Nk (351 寶石) 2020-01-05

Not bad

OdysseyEnt (315 寶石) 2018-10-09

We did! We added 6 new levels in this demo and a lot more content too. There is a detailed breakdown in the Kickstarter post linked in the latest update.

wearevenom (1405 寶石) 2018-10-09

did you add new rooms?

fats (2684 寶石) 2018-09-26

Kickstarter post mortem?

carlsen (300 寶石) 2018-09-16


GamesBox101 Profile (3708 寶石) 2018-07-24

nice game. thumbs up

Reofloor (1658 寶石) 2018-07-10

I hope to see more in the next demo. Nice idea and the arts are great, but improve the gameplay

Freank Profile (4404 寶石) 2018-06-28

Congrats!!! KS Passed! Great!

Enoch Profile (448 寶石) 2018-06-27

cmon... just a little bit!!

Karma (4169 寶石) 2018-06-15

You are already in the most popular games list! GJ. I will play it in the next days

Fry2 Profile (2851 寶石) 2018-06-14

Nice work but this is my question: what is the difference between this game and another platform game? Convince me to support it on Kickstarter :D

Amir (4071 寶石) 2018-06-14

i don't understand this game, but its fun

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