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The Mysterious Forest

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This is not your ordinary fairytale. Prepare to die.
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BIG UPDATE: Today Timothy and the Mysterious Forest shows its "new form"! The game (now in demo state) is 90% completed and we added a lot of features! - Grab & Throw combat system - Stealth system - New improved graphics The full game will be released the next months (TBA) and will feature a whole new island to explore, boss fights and more! Enjoy the new demo and let...
The Mysterious Forest
The Mysterious Forest
The Mysterious Forest
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MikeWade Profile (101 寶石) 2019-03-11

Dato che il gioco della @KibouEntertainm è così bello, ho pensato di rovinarlo un pò introducendolo nel mio #SHOW!

Boruto (605 寶石) 2019-02-09

just saw the poster on twitter. it looks like an old style anime

No Signal (452 寶石) 2019-01-19

when a next charapter?

The Mysterious Forest
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