The Legend of Relic The Legend of Relic
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Insydnis Profile (507 寶石) 2019-03-03

Feel free to let me know how i'm doing. I'm always up for feedback. Be it good or bad.

Staff (3375 寶石) 2019-02-27

Video fixed

Multiverse (506 寶石) 2019-01-04

is it complete? I like the hud that you used. it remembers me a mmorpg. But I don't like your mapping. you should improve it.

Insydnis Profile (507 寶石) 2018-12-26

Thank you guys for your interest in my game! I hope you enjoy it as much as i did making it!!

Popsan Angel (3445 寶石) 2018-12-26

are the artworks original or ripped?

franco999 (1828 寶石) 2018-12-26

the plot is very intesting, i'm playing it during this holydays! thanks!

Staff (3375 寶石) 2018-12-23

video fixed

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