The Adventure for a Sword The Adventure for a Sword tnsdn27155
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Pc white 下载

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Studio90 已验证 (等级 8) 2021-02-01
hey there, im looking for players to check out my game, would be awesome if you try it out, just go to my profile and click on Baby Goat Billy :)
gamefive 已验证 (等级 15) 2021-01-31
대쉬기능안 쉬프트키 + 방향키라 적는게 맞는거 같네요. Roll(구르기)도 방향키 + 대쉬 상태에서 F키라고 적는게 맞는거 같습니다.
gamefive 已验证 (等级 15) 2021-01-31
대쉬, 롤, 아이템 사용등의 기능은 언제 구현이 되는건가요?
Tails_Strife 已验证 (等级 14) 2021-01-31
for me the demo has so much less contents for calling demo, but I want to support all unity game dev, so I'm happy that you put on the line and upload your game here, I hope that there will be new updates soon (a hint, as first thing can you put a camera movements because in some point the character is hidden from obstacoles)
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