Stolen To The Future Stolen To The Future
GGJ team Banda Bassotti
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Pc white Osx white 下载


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JawsOP (1592 寶石) 2019-11-09

Too short

Astro_Boy (583 寶石) 2019-03-10

too short. just one home. did you make other games like this?

Best IndieGames (4662 寶石) 2019-03-10

This game is in the video about the 2 Best FREE Games of February 2019

KnightRider (693 寶石) 2019-03-02

where is the key of the car? Is it in the safe? I can't open it. I saw everywhere

Fellowplayer Profile (22872 寶石) 2019-02-26

At least its a normal car :P

Kira (858 寶石) 2019-02-16

it's incredible. made is so few time. are the assets original? just completed

Boruto (605 寶石) 2019-02-09

no game over? just to go random?

franco999 (1745 寶石) 2019-02-05

completed! Very short, but it's a game for a jam, so it's normal. I like the idea to use a pixelart in a 3d ambient. great idea. the plot it's not so clear. at first i dunno what to do.

ronnye (3464 寶石) 2019-02-04

...the delorean?

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