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Coopa (等级 6) 2018-11-18

no more news?

Reofloor (等级 9) 2018-08-01

Are you still working on it?

MrSte (等级 11) 2018-06-26

Good job

CapZero88 (等级 12) 2018-03-06

the idea is nice. I played few mmorpg in 2D. I like also the ui, a great and perfect work. but at the start of the game I don't undestand very well what to do

Fellowplayer Profile (等级 22) 2018-03-04

Haha, I like the idea that this focuses on finding a beer mug, at first I thought it was the name of a pet you lost :P

Popsan Angel (等级 12) 2018-03-04

great mapping. Congratulation! Even if i'm still in the first house. I can't go out XD. Warning: I can walk ON the people

Luis (等级 17) 2018-03-04

I was trying to play it on mobile... But the first message is very clear XD. Will you adapt it into the future?

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