Star Catcher 1.4.4 demo Star Catcher 1.4.4 demo
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Pc white 下载

Pc white 下载


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Elesar (57 寶石) 2020-01-07

The only thing that bothers me, judging on frequency of updates. I wish you release full version and I see it's RPG Maker MV, so about that time you should have a full version, unless you trying to make up with regular hob?

Jugolaz (37 寶石) 2020-01-04

Keep up with good work, with each update game is better.

Elesar (57 寶石) 2020-01-04

This game is so far the best game made with RPG Maker, even though it is very ascethic look and uses default assets the main plot is very interesting and the battle with final boss in demo is very intense. It took me 5 hours to finish demo, but it was the best 5 hours. :)

Soulrender Profile (3062 寶石) 2019-12-27

TenTen92 (1014 寶石) 2019-04-16

the plot and the design is good. What is your bad point? the rtp. you have to replace it using custom resources and your players will grow up. i am sure about this

where_is_love (935 寶石) 2019-03-23

the plot looks interesting

Fellowplayer Profile (23340 寶石) 2019-03-13

Is there a lot of CGI in this?

Kirito (2371 寶石) 2019-03-12

Description, please

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