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Sector's Edge is a brand new #FPS with a completely destructible (and constructible!) #voxel environment. Build and destroy your own path to secure victory for your team!

Currently in a free public alpha, Sector's Edge is preparing to launch on Steam later this year. Get your invite key @ Join the Discord @

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**26th March 2020 - Long time no see!** ~~~~ Apologies all for the lack of updates here on indexpo, however this has not been for the lack of game updates! Vercidium and Rocket Skeleton have added new visuals, gamemodes and gameplay changes on a very regular basis. We definitely recommend joining the Discord server to more easily find a game, as the playerbase is still...
Sector's Edge
Sector's Edge
Sector's Edge
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Grandy (等级 5) 2020-03-26

@lesgrossman - we do! It's easiest to see when people play using Discord - we have a bot which keeps an up to date player count, and we can see when people join servers etc. Games happen every day now more or less.

For anyone looking to get the game - we've moved to Steam being our primary platform, and as such the downloadable launcher here no longer works.

If you want to play the game, come to discord and ask @Vercidium for a Steam key!

LesGrossman (等级 11) 2019-10-12

Any online players?

Marco Sacchetti (等级 8) 2019-08-20

any updates?

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