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Zion (等级 12) 2017-09-04
Good work!
cristinicola (等级 2) 2016-10-01
Helloo!i just want to thank you for this lovely rpg horror game..nice work..i really enjoyed it...till i got a little bit stuck...i didn't find a walkthrough or tips for the game..could you help me?tnx..i found the toolbox-repaired the radio/the clock/drain/ i meet the demon and don't know how to defeat it..or to do next..i'm at 3 victim
cema12 (等级 8) 2016-09-22
Good! I follow to be tuned about the next updates!
Castor (等级 7) 2016-09-15
nice plot ! but you should cure also the graphics! You used objects that came from several games. totally different. use only one style ! The game is nice ! don't forget the graphic!
juniorcjbj (等级 1) 2016-09-13
very Nice!
Reim (等级 6) 2016-08-22
nice game ! :)
Jonathan Fish (等级 16) 2016-08-13
Good work ! i suggest to add a shadown under the charas. Is there also a gameplay of the game ? I follow !
RedLine (等级 9) 2016-08-06
Rpg maker 2003 ? Wow, old school ! It rocks !
MyTrain (等级 8) 2016-08-06
It looks nice ! Are the charas original?
They arent the classic sprites of rpg maker...
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