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Pc white 下载 External link


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natahem Profile (111 寶石) 2016-12-15

The game is now on Steam store: :P :P :P

Jonathan Fish (7709 寶石) 2016-08-17

very creepy game ! Good work ! I follow !

natahem Profile (111 寶石) 2016-08-12

Hi all, The game has just been greenlighted on Steam! I'm very happy about that :P So the full version should be released soon. In the mean time, you can send me any comments (based on the demo) for eventual bugs/problems ( And I will try to make a solution or help file for the beginners :P

The Crazy (1198 寶石) 2016-07-29

very cool ! Good work ! But .. I'm locked XD what i can do after saved the child ?

Nium (1380 寶石) 2016-07-28

wow ! I miss this game ! Amazing !!

natahem Profile (111 寶石) 2016-07-28

New version 2016 !!! Going to Steam Greenlight now, if you want to support the game:

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