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Finally - a Bit of an update. This is nothing more than a complete revamp of what the demo originally was but with better graphics and smoother gameplay. I did a ton of lag reduction methods all sorts of re-working. Original, but (hopefully) more functional test demo is now available.

Finally - after 2 months, an Update!
It's been an incredibly busy last couple months here for me not only for game development, but for work also.I've had a job going on for the last month and it's been taking a lot of time out of me. But, that doesn't mean I haven't been making progress with the game!
Whats New?
Well...After a lot of touching up done to the demo, it's almost safe to say it is complete, but at the same time, it is always up for change in dialogue of the sorts.
1 New move that you learn in the later game, although it is for trial in the demo.
1 New weapon, alas, you can not find the spear in the demo, but I guarentee it is there.
Visual effects changed slightly in demo also.
As for the post demo, that's where most of the progress has been made,and so far, i have completed not one..not two..but I'm almost done the 3rd dungeon, that means there are only 3 left total! Awesome!
The new dungeon is quite literally, a dungeon. There are going to be puzzles and somewhat undead looking monsters in the depths of this crypt. So be on your wits and guard.
Several other events leading up to the dungeon created
As well as maps.
Lots of new sprites, and a few new characters, even!
That about sums up what is sort of new for this months update, stay tuned for next months update for Ignarus!

Hello everyone, It's update time!
We are one more version away from the final Demo. So now is the time to get the Demo and try it out, because the FINAL version is going to be a lot shorter!
It's been a busy while with work, but I've been able to keep up with game development and progress a lot to the story/gameplay post-demo, as well as do major touch ups in the demo portion.
Map overlay changes, Fog, forest, clouds.
Dialogue changes,
adjustments/shortening made for quicker progression purposes.
Silent protagonist - Rather than speaking, the Protagonist uses only "speech bubbles" and "choices." When interacting with objects, he "Thinks" in brackets.
More Secrets/interactions
Weapon hidden somewhere for trial.
Skill hidden somewhere for trial.
Potions removed, now fill a one time use jar full of "Tree Sap." for difficulty improvement.
Stamina Bar, no more spamming the attack button, strategy is now an important factor to each opponent until you can sufficiently defeat them.
Boss difficulty increased. Becomes exponentially easier with each level up.
Monsters are fairly strong at first, be careful and gear up when possible and level up!
New events, and a lot more...
I could go on about what's been added, but it's best to just try it out now for yourselves while there is a whole "dungeon" to explore before I decrease the demo length.
Enjoy, and let me know if you find any problems/bugs of the sort.

Hey there everybody, it is I, Kudaaj!! I am alive and well, It's been quite some time!... man oh man, I've been busy..not only with the game, but with a new job,
It unfortunatley just means the game is going to take a little longer than expected.. There is some pros to this though. I feel as if I will put more thought in to story line progression and come up with more genuine ideas/puzzles while I get small bursts of breaks in between work and my game developing.
On top of that, I will be making money to have more custom things such as scripts and sprites and artwork for the game. :D
- Update Info - Changed "Jump spots" and "Hidden Items" mechanic - Rather than being visually on screen with a star, they are now visible with a "?" as you walk near them.
Enemy Balancing for demo.
Major Dialogue changes.
New equipment to be found in demo.
Story progress
Stamina re-implemented for combat, not sprint.
New areas/Maps in progress.
New skills with mechanics being implemented -
Arctic Frost
Haste (Debating)
Tenebris Blade
The demo is nearing it's final version! It will be available soon!

Hello everybody!! It seems like it's been a while... So I feel like it's time I posted a progress update.
Let's begin with some demo changes.
Intro area slightly changed for better benefit of tutorials.
First encounter with the shadow has been adjusted and shouldn't be overlapped so much.
Town now an accessible and is part of the story progression.
Dialogue changes and fixes. Dialogue is now less of an info dump I feel, and much more "get to the point."
Lots of event fixes.
I've made decisions and have decided to avoid creating form(s) for Protagonist for a few reasons...
New characters/sprites added to the game.
Maps have been tuned up, whether it be more detail, or objects to interact with.
Asena boss made slightly easier.
New Weapon to discover in Bitruus Forest dungeon.
Not able to pick up grapes or apples? No problem, anymore!
New content
SEVERAL maps have been created for the World.
1 dungeon implemented in the past, 1 currently in progress.
The world of Tartarus holds a town as well, It's currently a work in progress.
Story plot progress.
Many dialogue additions
Swimming available with specific requirements.
Town in Tartarus in progress.
Mountainous area a work in progress.
3rd dungeon still a work in progress.
A lot on the go - But I'm trying to stick with one thing at a time, it's hard.
Quick explanation how story progress will work in Ignarus.
After the Demo, you are available to explore the "World map". This consists of multiple different maps within a world to traverse and get the hang of.
To make ones way across the world of Tartarus, skills and weaponry will be acquired by doing dungeons and defeating bosses.
You will acquire accessories such as the Swimming gear to get through water, or magic skills to help in a situation where an element might come in handy.
The new demo will be available in probably the next month or so, as a little more content will be coming, and I'd rather just get the demo 100% complete and continue working on progress of the game until then.
BUGS One person was having problems loading up the game when it was downloaded - If this occurs in the future, please contact me.
Thanks for reading!

Yahoo! Ignarus has reached the status of VIG and Top 50 all in the same week! I'm very excited to have been able to come this far with the game! Thank you so much everybody for your support and hopes for Ignarus! - I've only been able to show the beginning demo, and I am absolutely positive, if you liked the demo, you are going to love the rest of the game. More mechanics such as abilities and skills, more adventures and side things to do and explore, a deeper understanding of the TRUE mission to completing the game and so much more... Keep following on the updates here, or on my website and you can get some updates you might not normally see here, including images and GIFS of future content. Again thank you everybody for your support and faith! :)

Hello everyone and welcome to this months update! It's been a busy month with not only game developing, but also in an attempt to get my game out there I have been trying to develop some marketing strategies and promotional content. Which has been time consuming to say the least. BUT other than that, progress is ALWAYS getting done on Ignarus. Tons of visual changes and dialogue changes have been made over the month, I've kind of went back and done some grammar checks and noticed "quite" a bit was out of place. If one downloads the new demo now and compare it to an older version, one will notice right away most likely that the dialogue box, and window have been changed a lot, as well as the layers used for overhead graphics (Fog, Clouds, Etc.)
Other than these things, I'm making progress in the story line, new characters are implemented, new struggles are in the midst of creation, dungeons, monsters, and the like. Please, if you are a Zelda fan, you will most likely enjoy Ignarus, at least give it a shot! :) Cheers - From Kudaaj

I'm back with a little bit of details about the games progress! It's a little bit of time since I've updated, due to work and such being in the way. I've decided to start up a Go fund me account so I can work more on the game and less on the road. (Hopefully.) If anybody is interested, one can find my GofundMe account here https://www.gofundme.com/Ignarus, and if you donate, you will receive awesome perks! Check out the list on the page in the description for what is available. - Now for updates.. The hammer weapon is completely implemented, the shadow form has one new ability, the Swamp dungeon is basically complete, and the boss is still a work in progress as he is going to have a few different moves and animations needed to be created yet, so until those are created, I shall proceed with the story line and the world/dungeons creation. I am approx 40% done the game so far, and it is coming along as smooth as I could possibly ask. At this rate I shall be complete with the game fully and it will be released on time for January 2018. Good day everyone. :)

Hey again everyone! Kudaaj here again, this time I am here to present my new promotional video I created! Check it out on my page here. Leave a comment on what you think! :3 Wow, is it time consuming... - As for progress on the games development.. -Almost nearing the halfway to completion mark after nearly a year! :O -Character and monster sprites -Hammer being implemented -Claw being implemented - New terrains/maps. - Shadow form implemented. -New skills in progress -New boss in progress. That's just some of the many things implemented thus far this patch. The final demo version is neigh. Cheers

Hello friends, I'm back today here to leave a little bit of a progress update on Ignarus.
Over the holidays, I took a short break to re-coop myself a bit and prepare for the new year. It was a nice break, but, hey..back to work!
So here is what has been accomplished prior and after the Christmas and New Year. - Swamp Lands has been created and is in development, I am enjoying doing this area, as it is finally a different look and feel compared to what I am used to, on top of that, I've implemented the "Water Lurker" monster. They are creepy tarantula looking like water bugs that jump out at you when you get near them.---The Swamp dungeon --- This is also a work in progress, but I think it is coming along quite well, as I currently have 8 maps concluded within it. I'm looking to implement a secret little puzzle in to it regarding torch activation. So those who are reading HERE now know. :) "Watch for those unlit torches." -- Swamp boss -- This hasn't been implemented quite yet, but this is basically where I am at right now, as I progressively add him to the game, I think about things that could use touching up prior in the early game, so I often go back and make minor changes, and believe me, I've made a lot of minor changes. --That about sums up what I have accomplished before and after the small break. - The game is approximately 3.5 hours long of a play through at this point, so it is definitely making headway. - Cheers to all, and I wish everybody luck this year accomplishing their new year resolution.

It's update time! Hello again people of IndieXpo. It's been some time, but this time I am to present just a simple update.. No demo included. Let's cut to the chase, I'm going to simply show what I have been working on and have had others working on through out the past 2-3 weeks. Changes made to the intro. As I progress I come up with better ideas that would fit in to the game and have a nice impact later on, So I have going back to make dialogue changes, and even adding new scenes. :3 New Accessory! What accessories do in Ignarus is pretty important in regard to ones playstyle, some times the accessories will be required (Or recommended) at some parts of the game. In case you are looking to clear the path and make a speedy get-a-way, you have yourself the Dash Boots New Character forms in development! That's right! Fooooorrrms! With progress within the story line, you are going to obtain some rather abnormal abilities which will assist the protagonist in his journey. I've just began this process recently so I do not have much yet, but there will be some cool things to look forward to. Feather Form - With this form the player will be able to move at an accelerated rate and be able to hover over holes that aren't accessible usually. (No images yet.) Gill Form - With this form, the player will be able to swim, dive, and even walk and fight underwater in particular locations and even find secrets, and even caverns. (No image yet) Shadow Form - With this form the protagonist will become Invulnerable to the the curses deadly mist that lies throughout some of the region. The player will also be able to enter particular areas in the world (Such as cracks in the wall, or some doors.) (No image yet) New monsters! New maps of course. More to explore, more to achieve, quests are being panned out and everything is going just dandy. New music productions! Since the games release I believe I have had 5 custom created songs for me, and most of them aren't even implemented in to the game, so that will be something to look forward to as a lot of the music is heavily inspired by some of my favorite classic titles. That about covers most of what there is to show for the past little while. Back to work I go. :)
If one is interested in seeing the most recent images which refer to this update, you may check out the most recent update here. http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/59512-ignarus-demo~greenlit~/&page=2

Hello all, I am here to post one of the final versions of the games demo, I basically am looking for some feedback providing what is new in the demo and if anybody has any problems making their way through it. There is quite a bit of new gameplay, and some of which might not even be in the full game, I am quite picky about going back and making changes such as new puzzles and stuff, and just better lay out in general, so I may come back to this area eventually. :) I will allow you as the player to test this new version out to see what has been added and if there are any problems. :P. I hope you enjoy and I hope to receive some constructive feedback. You may download the "New" demo in the link above.

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