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A Game by Lukas Reznicek

Release Debteh Tech. Alpha
Greetings to all Debteh cult followers. Sadly i have a bad news for you.
With huge regret i have to inform you, that i will not complete this hellish game for a number of reasons like: Older Game Maker version, lot of work on other projects a not enough time for this one.I am releasing Technological Alpha, which is showing basic principles and contains only 2 maps. Enjoy. It contains a lot of bugs and non-logical issues so don't be scared. Although i personally hope you will be :)

Magically blessed ritual chamber:
"I summon thee Charidej through this sign, carved to the east wall of Hypnos Temple of Understanding by your lord and sovereign Hypnos. Come and help us in our efforts." During these words mage also visualises triangle sign, created by red flames. This triangle will have matching size to other symbols, which mage must see clearly! Later, using his imagination he will create great gate above the altar, bearing the seal of summoned force. If this seal is unknown to mage, or there is no known seal to this force, theres its name written on the gate. Meanwhile mages female assistant is lying on the altar and masturbating. After mage finishes the visualisation of four signs including the great gate, he returns the dagger onto table and with his eyes closed takes a position in his favorite asana, while facing east. After doing so, his assistant gently takes his manhood in her mouth ( for this purpose is appropriate to use a simple ritual robes and operators should be completely naked underneath).

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