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This is very interesting cube racing game. It has 10 level.#cubicrace

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Cubicracing game. It is very miny and interesting game. play and enjoy.
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lucyinthespace (等级 12) 2020-03-27

Ugly colours

TyrionL (等级 12) 2020-03-25

Played, it's good but I voted it 2/5. I say you why:


if I lose, it starts automatically and run. I lose. It starts and run. WRONG. Back to manu, please. Or wait to press any keys. This infinite loop is BAD


add screenshots from the game in this gamepage. not only a cube


the main menu is too empty. If you want, I can try to make you a new one. The same for the Level Complete


the color are bad. Find a good palette to use. Check this website use strong colors

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