Cronus' Tomb  (LD 36) Cronus' Tomb (LD 36)
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Pc white 下载


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Luis (等级 17) 2018-01-21
Very original concept! Art style + Animations looked amazing. I also like the music for its interesting harmonies
Heromerom (等级 12) 2017-01-05
68 hours doing a good job! Congrats.
Mosul (等级 8) 2016-12-16
Did you join to the last Ludum dare jam ?
GInTheShell94 (等级 8) 2016-12-03
I'm very curious to see your future games ! it's nice and fast. But too short. I udenstand that it's made for a very short jam (the LD). Good work !
iamhere (等级 12) 2016-12-02
nice ! Empusa is very hard to fight :P
SwordMan (等级 8) 2016-11-27
Nice ! I vote for the next game in html5 :P:P:P:P:P
MrSte (等级 11) 2016-11-26
Nice :D, 4/5
Crazy Player GM (等级 7) 2016-11-21
too short !! D: But nice !
BloodMichael93 (等级 8) 2016-11-19
I vote to see this like an online game ! :)
MozRegit (等级 9) 2016-11-16
Great! Very funny ! :D Completed ! it's too short ! I follow to see the longer version !
xMaurx (等级 9) 2016-11-14
I hope in an online version ! It's very short !
CapZero88 (等级 12) 2016-11-08
too short D:
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