Radian F / cradth
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Pc white 下载 External link
Pc white 下载 External link


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Myrkvidr (等级 9) 2019-10-20

looks really good

Deusexmachina (等级 6) 2019-10-17

Where to buy more VT Cards?

Fellowplayer Profile (等级 22) 2019-10-15

Could not play it online because I was getting the Indiepad barcode message over the game, couldn't close the thing. I might try again later.

LesGrossman (等级 11) 2019-10-12

Isometric style for a mv game? Did you use a plugin?

cradth (等级 11) 2019-10-12

If you can't play the browser version of the game. just click this direct link :

WangLeeHom (等级 5) 2019-10-12

I can't see the download link here.

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