Astral Legends Astral Legends
Joshua Greenfield
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Pc white 下载

Pc white 下载


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Popsan Angel (3527 寶石) 2017-11-10

can you add more screenshots?

skill3r (35 寶石) 2017-10-25

cant wait to see this man

joshuagrnfld (343 寶石) 2016-12-26

there is more, but they arent completed. yet. stay tuned. going to try and update once a week.

IronMusk2 (747 寶石) 2016-12-26

but... is it only one map... ? O.o

joshuagrnfld (343 寶石) 2016-12-26

a note to anyone, the game cannot be played on mobile at the moment. so bare with it. enjoy! and please post any issues you may have. this demo is not complete yet. so please subscribe and stay tuned for updates!

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