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World of Wykrim (Alpha)

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This is a MSRPG game (massive singleplayer), Your adventure is what you want it to be. A world full of quests, enemies loot and fun! This is the Alpha version 0.1.3
Мова: English  
Що нового: 1
Update Changes ------------------------ 1. New town (Sandstone Town) 2. New enemies 3. 1st Boss (Test) 4. More quests 5. Drop Table Changed: Enemies now drop every piece of gear within their level 6. Drop rate changed Common: from 10% to 4% Refined: from 5% to 3% Unique: from 3% to 2% Elite: From 2% to 1% and Super stayed the same at 0.2% 7. Attack and Def...
World of Wykrim (Alpha)
World of Wykrim (Alpha)
World of Wykrim (Alpha)
World of Wykrim (Alpha)
World of Wykrim (Alpha)
World of Wykrim (Alpha)
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Jonathan Fish (Рівень 16) 2016-08-15
are you continuing to develop thise game ? It's a good start... but you should improve your mapping and the plot... the maps are very empty...
thunder176 (Рівень 5) 2016-05-11
Enjoyed playing it, although it feels a little bit empty still but that's Alpha version for ya. Your world could use a little bit of lore and things happening in there, instead of just being an open sandbox with random quests here and there. Kudos on the task book, is that a plugin or just a lot of coding? also check out
YouTube Gameplay for quests.
XaderGamerDev (Рівень 3) 2016-03-07
I am looking for players to try it out and give feedback for improvements and balance. More content will be added. This is only 15% of what i have planned!
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