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Jonathan Fish (7709 Діаманти) 2016-08-17

page not found D:

gameplay_extreme Profile (1117 Діаманти) 2015-05-02

ah! siete italiani!, non avevo capito...

gameplay_extreme Profile (1117 Діаманти) 2015-05-01

Won the easy difficulty, I try also the "inferno" difficulty!!: is very hard...I'm about to try the intermediate skill level!

gameplay_extreme Profile (1117 Діаманти) 2013-04-01

very similar to \"Ant Eater\"

Freank Profile (3618 Діаманти) 2011-11-09

<a href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIYnk4eFTF8' target='_blank'>This game is in the Video - Indiegames - Promo # 1 -</a>

Gatsu87 (3165 Діаманти) 2011-06-08

Nooo!! Just 11 livels ! :D <br />The boss is very funny... you should continue it,with other stages and other enemies! <br />The pixel art of the icon-stage is simply and nice! <br />p.s. when you know the button "shift" ...the game becomes easy ! ;)

Alexander0777 Profile (1050 Діаманти) 2011-06-06

Wow, it's a very nice game, it likes a Pac Man classic. The musics and the graphic are very nice, congratulation for the remake! (I didn't try the original version)

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