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Trilby: The Art Of Theft

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Ben Croshaw

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Trilby - The Art Of Theft. The Art of Theft is a mission-based stealth platformer, with an emphasis on gameplay over story. Your goal is to infiltrate a variety of buildings in Chapow City, steal loot, achieve objectives and get out again with the subtlety of a flickering shadow in a ninja outfit.
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Trilby: The Art Of Theft
Trilby: The Art Of Theft
Trilby: The Art Of Theft
Trilby: The Art Of Theft
Trilby: The Art Of Theft
Trilby: The Art Of Theft
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CTGH (Рівень 10) 2019-05-06
Very good
Freank Підтверджено (Рівень 18) 2013-06-13
<a href=\'
YouTube Gameplay' target=\'_blank\'>This game is in the Video - Indiegames - Promo # 3 -</a>
Destroya (Рівень 7) 2012-11-05
Is really funny, gameplay is calibrated well, but i can\'t finish level 6! At the beginning i didn\'t expected a story line soo interesting. <br />Avoid cameras and guards, steal everything, 3 different levels of light and shadow... unlockable skills, all works good. Good work!
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