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Pegi16 Понад 750 завантажень
This Game is about a Ghost catcher who has a mission to investigate a haunted house. Help him in doing so.
Мова: English   Svenska   Nederlands   ‏فارسی‏   한국어   Italiano   Suomi   Slovenčina   Espanol   日本語   Bahasa Melayu   Polski   中文 (简体)   Русский   Bahasa Indonesia   हिन्दी   Francais   Deutsch   Українська   Portugues  
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Hey guys, thanks for playing this game, I hope you all guys enjoyed. A new version of this game is progress and I am launching it soon
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ronnye (Рівень 15) 2021-10-22
under-rated game. it is very good. An horror game to play also online (if you have a good internet connection). I hope that new players can discover and play it! It is very good!
franco999 (Рівень 14) 2021-01-05
Improve the description, please
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