The Crown Stones: Mirrah The Crown Stones: Mirrah
Frater Studio
Підписників: 20

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Luis (8746 Діаманти) 2018-01-21

the dream of the retrogamers

BBads (1443 Діаманти) 2018-01-05

greeeeeeeeat game. A nice demo. The castelvania style is very clear, but it's a clone. it's an original work with great mechanics

Fellowplayer Profile (22305 Діаманти) 2018-01-03

Dude the artwork in this is intense. I cant do this stuff to save my life.

Marco Sacchetti (1226 Діаманти) 2017-12-08

Molto stile castelvania, forse anche troppo, ma penso sia voluto un ottimo lavoro! Immagino che le comunita' di retrogames saranno molto interessate all'uscita di questo gioco buona fortuna

Best IndieGames (4515 Діаманти) 2017-12-02

This game is in the video about the Top 9 Indie Game of November 2017

NovoG (1577 Діаманти) 2017-11-20

warning bro. you write sotnes... and no Stones here. Fix it ;)

TassieGamer (51 Діаманти) 2017-11-12

Nice game feel free to check out my video :)

TGBSirhcAndAr0n (69 Діаманти) 2017-11-12

Really cool game, super hard though, check out our vid if you want to see two Australian brothers fail at it

Popsan Angel (3371 Діаманти) 2017-11-10

4 stars because it's nice but it's short!

Zion (3184 Діаманти) 2017-11-10

very nice. How is going on your indiegogo campaign? One question... why indiegogo and no kickstarter?

franco999 (1704 Діаманти) 2017-11-06

Hey, #retrogame lovers, come here! It's perfect for you

Karma (4169 Діаманти) 2017-11-05

The castelvania inspiration is very clear! I'm watching a lot of games inspired by retro games in this period, why?

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