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Luis (Рівень 17) 2018-01-21
a very good platform game. It's fast and easy to play. very intuitive and with a lot of stages.
threye (Рівень 6) 2017-02-23
Hi guys, got some good news, we're finally ready with the full version of Switch.
Releasing it on Steam on the 7th of March.
Add us to your steam Library.
We've got over 70 levels, with previously unseen worlds, along with new music and artwork.
Hope to see you'll over on Steam.
Karma (Рівень 13) 2017-01-04
I've happened to see the developers working on this game for quite some time now... whats amazing is how the game has evolved from early prototypes to a very polished and refined outcome now.. the characters controls are very polished..!
bobbalaban (Рівень 3) 2016-12-20
idmaker (Рівень 4) 2016-12-19
stylish graphics and colour armonies. eye candy to me, but gameplay is already seen before. anyway, very good game. thanks for sharing.
Mosul (Рівень 8) 2016-12-16
Nice game! It's fast, there are a lot of stages and the design is very cool! 5/5!
GInTheShell94 (Рівень 8) 2016-12-03
very hard ! Can you add an easy mode ? D:
iamhere (Рівень 13) 2016-12-02
Did you develop also other games ?
SwordMan (Рівень 8) 2016-11-27
No other games made by this team ? D: it's very nice ! even if it's too hard XD 4/5
Crazy Player GM (Рівень 8) 2016-11-21
it lags on my old pc D:
MozRegit (Рівень 9) 2016-11-16
An idea (maybe stupid). Divide the game. You can upload here, Switch Episode 1 (with ONLY the first level), Switch Epidode 2 (with ONLY the second level), etc. Like a TV series or an anime. :D So the users can follow you to play every week a new "episode/level" :D
xMaurx (Рівень 9) 2016-11-14
very hard game. Can you add a direct link ? I want to suggest it at my friends... but there is a problem with google drive...
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