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She Be Free

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Help DOT to escape from the grid, run, dodge, attack, defeat enemys and get the freedom. This game is developed by only one developer, the control is designed for touchscreen, but you can use the mouse.It is not the usual running game, are you ready to get DOT freedom? I hope like my work hi, i've publish a update 2.1 to fix some bugs discover by FellowPlayer, i hope like my work and report me if you encounter other bugs, thankyou for support ;-D
She Be Free
She Be Free
She Be Free
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Fellowplayer Profile (16026 Діаманти) 2018-06-06

Also I think if I lose all my lives and go back to main menu, my score does not reset so its accumulative. It should reset if I failed to complete a stage. I could have resumed from my high score at the beginning of the final stage but I choose not to so not to ruin it.

Fellowplayer Profile (16026 Діаманти) 2018-06-06

I was given a challenge to get a high score from the website and I am pleased to do so, but a good player should be able to top that. Found a few errors like before (Camera didn't rotate and so on) but a new one turned up. Sometimes my energy levels are not restored after I die and resume the level, so I have critical levels when I begin. Apart from that I am happy to play it again.

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Parzival (308 Діаманти) 2018-06-05

you have to improve the 3D graphics

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She Be Free
She Be Free
She Be Free
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