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Santa, cats, bad guys

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Опубліковано: 2018/12/19



Santa Claus And The Cats And The Bad Guys is an endless beat em up game. Collect cats and fight against the bad guys. Controls: Movement: Keyboard: Arrow keys or W, A, S, D (or X-Box Controller D-Pad) Attacks: Keyboard: H, J, K, L, U (or X-Box Controller A, B, X, Y, R1)
Мова: English  
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Santa, cats, bad guys
Santa, cats, bad guys
Santa, cats, bad guys
Kоментарів (2)
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Multiverse (506 Діаманти) 2019-01-04

very nice! Easy and fast. You should improve the HUD and add more stages. But I know that it's just an entry for a short contest, no worry. Good work

Gatsu87 (3664 Діаманти) 2018-12-22

but, is it an alpha? I saw that it's written Complete, but it looks like an alpha. what is it?

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