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PUNK ex is a land, air and space shooter with more than 30 single & multiplayer missions. You play as a ex-professor human known as 'Boom' whose goal is to eliminate the 'Snakers'. PVP and PVE is currently under development. Feel free to give your feedback & comments!
Мова: English  
Що нового: 6
Early-access is now LIVE on Steam! - https://store.steampowered.com/app/917990/PUNKEX_2093. The game is around 85% playable. Buy it right now for a cheaper price. During this phrase, I will continue to improve on the game as well as listening to players feedback.
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fats (2648 Діаманти) 2018-09-26

Any news? He is iron man!

carlsen (300 Діаманти) 2018-09-16

The enemies look always the same

ronnye (3242 Діаманти) 2018-07-23

did you remove the online version?

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