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Game Maker

Platform Builder Standard is a powerful yet simple #toolkit for creating unique and fun #Platformer games! You are in command to design your own character, levels, overworlds, enemies, title screen, and more. Available for Windows computers
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Exciting News! Platform Builder has been updated to 2.0! There are many great new features that I'm sure you will enjoy!
Platform Builder
Platform Builder
Platform Builder
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CGM_games (50 Діаманти) 2019-05-23

I've been using Platform Builder for over a year, and its perfect for casually making a game, to making a Super Mario World grade level game. If you get used to it's amazing features, you'll be able to make quite a wealth of imagination come to life, without ever needing to learn a single line of code! As a fellow PB user puts it, "Platform Builder is as advertised, and more!"

franco999 (886 Діаманти) 2017-11-01

When you create a new game, you should select: rgp/ platform. And to start with a first "template map". So it will be very easy to use!

onebullet55 (1930 Діаманти) 2017-10-23

It's very easy to use. But very few features. But it's a very huge work! Add a way to export the game in html5, please.

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