Planet 17 Planet 17
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допомога у форматуванні
zxretrosoft Profile (1784 Діаманти) 2018-02-18

Haha, funny and hard! :) Thank you

Magnus C (1552 Діаманти) 2017-10-11

I like all your games! In this I find a very nice work with the UI!

MagicOz (1509 Діаманти) 2017-07-27

I like it! is there a gameplay about it? Great job!

franco999 (3704 Діаманти) 2017-07-24

It was in my suggested games. Very nice! It has the classic style of your other games!

Amir (3832 Діаманти) 2017-07-24

is there a video of the gameplay?

Freank Profile (3433 Діаманти) 2017-07-17

Your skills growing up very fastly!! It's your best game! The design remembers me VVVVV and The Maitre D'. Very good! Will it have more downloads than Swift Kaleido? I'm sure! :D p.s. Warning: the main menù doesn't work with the indiepad. I can't select the rooms.

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