Neera: Dark Secrets

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Neera: Dark Secrets is a fast-paced Fantasy Action/RPG with beautiful pixel art style graphics.
Combat system contains four weapons and four attacks(normal, special, power and power special) for each weapon, so there are total 16 attacks. There are two modes, Normal and Deadly.
Мова: English  
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Neera: Dark Secrets
Neera: Dark Secrets
Neera: Dark Secrets
Neera: Dark Secrets
Neera: Dark Secrets
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JEntertaiment (Рівень 10) 2020-11-19
Classic and brilliant !
Luis (Рівень 17) 2018-01-22
I stated to play it. The plot is very classic
Fellowplayer (Рівень 22) 2018-01-03
I see a lot of RPG style games, this one certainly is different.
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