MUGEN - Snk v Capcom 2018 MUGEN - Snk v Capcom 2018
Francesco Sannicandro
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Bugs may occurs, I don't do this as my job, but just for passion! I spend a lot of time for the music in the game, I wanted to make stages more real and appropriate to their scene. I used a lot of classical music even because that's my real field of work. I hope you can like it. Please don't esitate to ask me for corrections or other problems to fix! Grazie mille! :)

MUGEN is one of that dreams that can be true! I am a Megadrive, Neo Geo, Anime fan and Playstation player...and for me it always been a dream to have all of my favorite characters all in one solution, and that's what MUGEN is! A open source software developed by Elecbyte, that will make you do that for real! The perfection of the 2D fight engine for me are the King of Fighters series made by SNK, that's why I wanted to use it as a base of my creation. The graphic engine is in Low-resolution, as the NeoGeo standard. Scanlines will make you play on HD screen without pixel out the game. Nowadays, new MUGEN projects are coming in Hi-Resolution, but with stages and characters in Low-Res...and that's unfortunately disgusting...Low-res goes with Low-res as Hi-res goes with Hi-res, and considering that the best games have been relesed in Low-res, I'm gonna follow that standard. ^_^

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