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Mini Toad Collection

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Опубліковано: 2016/04/04


Construct 2

when the toad did not know anymore the way home , he met with a small star that is good . who will direct the toad on the way home ..
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Mini Toad Collection
Kоментарів (3)
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Jonathan Fish (7709 Діаманти) 2016-08-15

you use too styles. both 2d both 3D :/ it's not so good to see...

Staff (2237 Діаманти) 2016-04-29

Error : gap_init:2 :(

Marius (3790 Діаманти) 2016-04-04

The first level has a background in 2D, but the sprites are in 3D and the stars are in 2D. The second level has a background in 3D, the sprites in 3D but the stars always in 2D. I don't listen the music. Choose one style (2D or 3D) and use only this. ;)

Mini Toad Collection
Mini Toad Collection
Mini Toad Collection
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