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Hi everyone,
I've made a new update which has changed a fair amount of the game, including many new features. The changelog is below but just so you're aware, I'm also working on another update that changes and adds even more game mechanics. Can't wait to show you more!
- Daytime... Night-time! - At an inn, you can now switch between day and night! During the night, you'll be able to battle tougher monsters but receive better rewards. In a later update, there will also be night-specific side-quests to complete too.
- Map Redesigns - Almost all of the maps in the game have been updated to use a nicer-looking tileset!
- Dialogue Highlights - Specific section of important dialogue will now be a different colour, making it easier to spot the important bits of information from the rest.
- New Party Member! - That's right, if you keep an eye out, you could trigger an event that causes you to gain a new party member. Be on the lookout!
- What would you like to drink? - You can now speak with the Barkeeper in Stardock village.
- TP Preservation - TP (Technical Points) are now carried across from one battle to another (instead of resetting each time).
- Mode what? - In the Overworld areas, the game will take on the classic "Mode 7" look... snazzy!
- What is this sorcery?! - Enemies will now have a 'breathing' or 'floating' effect in battle to make things look that little bit more lively.
- Whoops, my bad... - I noticed there were some events that I hadn't finished which were released in 0.5 (the siblings in Bromwich Castle)...
- MANY bug fixes - I'm not going to list them all but the most notable was the ability to move during dialogue... you shouldn't be able to do that...
- Minor changes to dialogue
- Ooh them animations! - A couple of skills (Level Break and Elevate Strike) now have animations when used in battle.
- Oh I can beat that enemy now! - Balancing changes have been made to slightly reduce the defense of monsters, making it a little easier to beat them (but not too easy). Enemy levels now scale based on the lowest party member's level rather than the whole party's average level too.
- Most of the sound effects in the game have been slightly updated/changed.

Another patch has been uploaded because of an embarrassing mistake... I put the player's spawn position in the wrong place!

Gotta love them bug fixes because there's been quite a few more today!

Hi again, more minor bugs have been fixed today along with another game-breaking bug. Other minor changes have been made too, including a suitable ending for the demo explaining what's coming up in the next major release and how you can obtain more information about it (and play test builds when available) in the Discord server.

Some more bugs have been squashed today along with some more minor changes.

Yet more game-breaking bugs have been squashed today. Also some other minor changes have been made too :)

Another update has been published to fix 2 more game-breaking bugs.

0.5.1 for Windows is now available to download (or play in-browser) and fixes a game-breaking bug.
Here are a list of things that have been added/changed:
The Rat enemies are going to be made slightly weaker
Minor dialogue issue with the blacksmith saying "Definitely" twice
The Slime enemies are going to be made slightly stronger
The Poison Blade skill will use 10MP instead of 5MP
The Double Attack skill will use 15TP instead of 20TP
The first Overworld's random encounters are going to be increased slightly
(Currently Windows-version only) Going to review the game's performance in animation-heavy areas - To aid with performance, I have added a feature to the game that will pre-load assets before the game begins. This should hopefully increase the game's speed.
Followers will be disabled in Nessa's shop
The cost of Accessories will be greatly reduced and will cost between 400-600G
While there may be more bugs in the further parts of the game, I'm going to temporarily enable the ability to save anywhere (without the need for Inn's and Camp Sites).
That's all for now, enjoy!

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