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GreenGolia (Рівень 8) 2019-07-02

are you continuing it? the last news are about 2018-04-04. I loved this game

vinstriano Profile (Рівень 10) 2019-06-22

Great idea, cool game.

DevZone (Рівень 8) 2019-06-01

i love your idea, lol LandFlix

Boruto (Рівень 6) 2019-02-09

please add also "the punisher"!

GialluGamer97 (Рівень 2) 2018-10-13

Salve, ho fatto un video sul vostro gioco spero vi piaccia :)

indiexpo Interviews (Рівень 2) 2018-10-04

6 Questions for... Luca (Fantastico Studio)

Karma (Рівень 13) 2018-04-04

Was it updated?

Amir (Рівень 13) 2018-04-04

No news?

franco999 (Рівень 10) 2018-03-13

Congratulations guys! I saw your success on kickstarter!

TyrionL (Рівень 12) 2018-03-03

cmon guys! I supported this project few days ago! You can do it! You're near to your goal! Just 3 days! C'moooon!

Best IndieGames (Рівень 14) 2018-03-03

This game is in the video about the Top 5 Best Indie Games of February 2018

clever2games (Рівень 0) 2018-02-23

a really fun and good game i love the older pixel art and games

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