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Killer Gin Updated!

Killer Gin STEAM V8 (0.7.4) (2/01/20)

- Added secret Kickstarter items into game.
- Added option to censor foul language! (even voice overs!)
- Added option to censor gore!
- Added Options to disable hunger, sleep, injuries, and thirst!
 (Low difficulties only!)
- Started adding hand drawn art into story!
- Made intro easier for lower difficulties!
- Fixed the naming script (name your animals!)
- Added more secrets and easter eggs
- and much more!

Enjoy! ~Freddie

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And just like that Killer Gin has STEAM DLC!!!
Killer Gin Updated!

Killer Gin STEAM V6 (0.7.2) (1/19/20)

- Killer Gin EARLY ACCESS DLC Created and available!
- Can now disable hunger, sleep, and thirst for difficulties Torment 1 and under
- Created an option to remove Gore from game.
- Passion Token created (DLC item)
- Infinity Remembrance Token created (DLC item)
- Moon Token created (DLC item)
- Storm Token created (DLC item)
- Sunny Token created (DLC item)
- Now you must earn Story SS STEAM Achievement rank (bug patched)
- and More!!!


Get BLASTED with STEAM Achievements!

What do you think? Remind you of something?


Oh yeah.... KG has STEAM achievements now....

#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime


Killer Gin has been Updated on STEAM!

Killer Gin STEAM V4 (0.7.0) (1/11/20)

- Updated Engine to 1.6.2
- Added STEAM DLC and Achievement capabilities!!
- Significant Performance boost!
- Includes other small updates and fixes
- and more!

Next: Actual STEAM DLC Packages and Achievements (Foundation works! - Early Access and Kickstarter)

#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime


Killer Gin has been Updated on STEAM!

Killer Gin STEAM V3 (0.6.3) (1/7/20)

- Raised limit on Character Stats (Now >999)
- Added new Scenes for Gordo and Wedge
- Made Intro more beginner friendly
- Updated Werewolf feeding mechanic
- Added more Easter Eggs!
- Updated skills/items/equipment (stats and desc)
- Fixed Southern Farm Glitch (when vampire enemy)
- Fixed Game Log glitch (now shows factions quests)


Next: STEAM DLC Packages!


Killer Gin has been Updated on STEAM!
 Killer Gin STEAM V2 (0.6.6) (12/23/19)

- Invasion Scene Now Voice Acted (V1)
- Updated Title Screen
- Fixed Visual settings in Option Menu
- Added Lottery Item Description for prizes
- Fixed some skills/Updated Char builds
- Updated items
- and much more! 

Next: STEAM DLC Packages! (Early Access and Kickstarter)

 #killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam


Killer Gin is NOW on STEAM Early Access!! (Demo available on STEAM very soon!)


You can play the Mac version on Link:

Killer Gin STEAM V1 (0.6.4) (12/09/19) 
 - Added Collectibles to the game! (Art and VA cards) - Added Fortune Teller Mechanic (Daily Luck, lottery tickets) - Updated game credits - Added more secrets and Easter Eggs - New skills (detect digging sites) and items - Minor Optimization updates (Large one soon!) - and much more!!!!

Regards, Freddie


Killer Gin sent in for final review on STEAM (3 days until STEAM release)!

Until then, you can play the current version on Link:

Killer Gin STEAM V1 (0.6.2) (11/27/19) 

- Maps updated and optimized
- Thirst added to game (water and milk satisfy thirst)
- Digging mechanic completely overhauled.
- Find shortcuts through digging in Infinite dungeon
- Animation bug fixed
- And more!

Regards, Freddie


Hey @everyone !!!!

I have good and bad news.

BAD NEWS: It seems that I will have to wait 2 weeks to post Killer Gin on STEAM..... the store has to be LIVE for 2 weeks BEFORE you can post the first build of the game..... so Killer Gin will not be on STEAM for another 2 weeks. (Sorry, I thought the invisible beta mode counted)

So now the good news....

GOOD NEWS: The Killer Gin STEAM Demo is ready and everyone can start playing it right away. You just need to get the game from instead.

Killer Gin Demo LINK:

Killer Gin STEAM Page LINK:

Killer Gin Demo VO stats so far: 38+ VO roles 669+ VA lines

So please feel free to play the game and let me know what you think. I still have time to adjust the game for the final STEAM release.

Now for me, payroll, updating the credits on IMDB, IndieDB, CCC, and getting the 3rd and final round of auditions going within a few days.

Thanks so much, enjoy the game!

PS: Also check out the Killer Gin STEAM page, add the game to your wish list. I am also going to update the page with a new trailer soon.


Post Kickstarter Killer Gin Demo Released!! (VOICE ACTING BABY!) - Optimization Update - Flu, plague, despair, and poison fog added! - Items/Skills/Equipment to deal with/spread illnesses. - Crops have been expanded. - Livestock updated!- Updated VA lines and scenes!- Added ability to check statuses OUTSIDE battle!!! - Updated Enemy Balance (Large Update)- New Items and skills!- Voice acting on by default!!!AND MORE!!!


New Killer Gin Demo Incoming (In a day or two)! 1) The new version of Killer Gin will have high quality voice acting! 2) There will also be a new pet 'praising' and 'scolding' mechanic. Link: #killergin #Indiegame #kickstarter #rpg #voiceacting


Voice acted Killer Gin video?! Did they do a good job?

Here is the very first voice acted scene in Killer Gin!! (Yes, voice acting is entirely optional, it can be toggled on or off at anytime!) Let me know what you think! Link:​ #killergin #Indiegame #kickstarter #rpg #voiceacting​ Video link here:

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