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Deneris (Рівень 15) 2020-01-26
Ottimo party game devono però inserire anche altre caratteristiche perché sennò dopo un po' diventa noioso e ripetitivo
Marco Sacchetti (Рівень 10) 2019-03-23
Ho trovato questo articolo. casomai trovate qualche nuova idea per il gioco! https://www.wired.it/play/cultura/2019/03/23/houdini-illusionista-bufale/
Astro_Boy (Рівень 6) 2019-03-10
will you add also other type of weapons?
Magnus C (Рівень 10) 2017-10-12
nice idea! The game is easy and fast to play! Just a click and you already know how to play it! and nice pixel art!
ronnye (Рівень 13) 2017-09-06
Nice look!
Fry2 Profile (Рівень 12) 2017-05-05
After the chains I try to shoot... but he doesn't shoot... D: What's the meaning of the clock?
Sekayo (Рівень 12) 2017-04-24
wow! The pixel art and the animations are very cool!
Freank Profile (Рівень 14) 2017-04-22
oh! Finally the updates that i'm waiting for! I played it easily and fastly! Nice work! Even if the score system doesn't work very good... several time it restarted. My last tip is to add a picture with the write "Press F to Fire!" when the clock's heands are synchronized.
iamhere (Рівень 12) 2017-04-21
Nice news! I'm download it!
Freank Profile (Рівень 14) 2017-04-18
Played the new version so... where're the bots? :DDDD I played it with a friend... and it's very cool and funny! With gamepads it can be amazing! The pixel art is very cool. it's the first good point that hits me. Congratulations to the artist. I hope to see soon new feature and... the bots <3
Amir (Рівень 13) 2017-04-15
I played the previous version. I saw that the pixel art is the same (good) and I m watching that the new features are all about the code or the UI. Are there also new features about the design/goal/plot?
the ugly truth (Рівень 11) 2017-03-22
Gioco simpatico... Ma troppo minigame. Mi spiego. Lo apri e puoi fare una sola cosa.. non ci sono modalità alternative o una sorta di Story Mode con difficoltà crescente... Almeno così mi è sembrato...
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