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Gaarco (544 Діаманти) 2019-11-08

The assets are really good, and it's fun to play

Myrkvidr (1506 Діаманти) 2019-09-22

very fun game

AnnieIbones (1214 Діаманти) 2019-07-27

Great and cute game! Gj

gamefive Profile (2723 Діаманти) 2019-07-25

good game!!!

DANILO MUMMOLO Profile (1745 Діаманти) 2019-07-23


indiexpo Addons (3183 Діаманти) 2019-06-22

You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.



Click and Play!

DevZone (971 Діаманти) 2019-06-02

Great demo of the game!

Agent44 (3798 Діаманти) 2019-05-07

It's the first time that I see a game made using Godot to work so good online. Nice

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